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Catholic Celebrities Invited to Bid

Who May Bid?

Although this auction is open to all who are qualified to bid, these are some well known Catholic celebrities who will be invited to bid, and who may do so at anytime, including at the last moment.

Submit your sealed bid by mail. The item will go to the highest qualified bidder whose bid is above $65,000. If there are two winning bids that are the same, the item will go to the earliest registered bidder as attested by the postmark on your envelop. Submit your sealed bids by _____________ to:

    Mark Berrier, Esq.
    Peyton Book Bid
    Law Offices of Mark L. Berrier
    3811 Bee Caves Road, Suite 204
    Austin, TX 78746   USA


Catholic Celebrities Invited to Bid

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Jeb Bush
Rudy Guiliani
Sean Penn
Oliver Stone
Harrison Ford
Harry Connick Jr
Robert De Niro
Alan Alda
Martin Scorsese
Celine Dion
Bruce Springsteen
Bob Geldof
Cyndi Lauper
Christina Aguilera
Sylvester Stallone
Nicolas Cage
Antonio Banderas
Bill Murray
Brooke Shields
Al Pacino
Susan Sarandon
Alec Baldwin
Sir Anthony Hopkins
Nicole Kidman
Jim Calviezel
Martin Sheen
Christy Turlington

James Woods
Dan Aykroyd
Stephen Baldwin
Cheech Marin
Scott Baio
Francis Ford Coppola
Mia Farrow
Jack Nicholson
Anne Rice
Matt LeBlanc
Ralph Macchio
Tim McGraw
Jon Voight
Clarence Thomas
Macaulay Culkin
Lindsay Lohan
Mel Gibson

Elizabeth Avellan
Mandy Moore
Elijah Wood
Vince Vaughn
Drew Barrymore
Jennifer Lopez
John Cusack
Johnny Depp
Jessica Alba
Angelina Jolie
Matt Dillon

Dylan McDermott
Tony Danza
Mark Wahlberg
Mike Farrell
Sean Connery
Danny Trejo
Jim Carrey
Suzanne Somers
Bo Derek
Owen Wilson
Leonardo DiCaprio
Ewan McGregor
Ralph Fiennes
David Caruso
Colin Quinn
Salma Hayek
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Robert Rodriguez
Gwen Stefani
Steve Buscemi
Danny DeVito
Chris Columbus
Ray Romano
Gary Sinise
Bob Newhart
Andy Garcia
Susan Lucci
Patrick Dempsey
George Lopez

Where will the winning bidder receive the book?

The transaction will take place in Austin, Texas, at the Law Offices of Mark L. Berrier.

It is my hope that this book with Father Peyton's saintly autograph will go into Catholic hands and that it will be treasured not only for its rarity but also as a living testimony to the life of a saintly person who lived a life of service and used the media to lift up hearts everywhere.

If you have any questions, please contact me.


Michael Quinn


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